Release to Create

Event on Zoom -Tuesday 25th June 8- 9:30 pm UK time

 This event is designed to guide you in letting go emotions and thoughts that don’t serve you anymore, through meditations and visualizations.

You will leave the workshop energized, lighter, relaxed, with more positive energy and ready to conquer the world

From burden and stress to hope and lightness

Life goes and we accumulate feelings and thoughts that, at times, weigh us down, reducing our creativity, our sense of wellbeing, our peace of mind.

We usually wait until the end of the year to do something about it. Why that though?

What if we could check on our mental state and emotional state regularly? What if we look after our energetic body? What if we could let go of emotions and thought that don’t serve us? 

By the end of this event you will perceive higher vibrations and you will feel ready to start creating again. 

You will come out of this event feeling:


You will feel a sense of peace, calm and welbeing


You will let go of emotional burden, having an impact on your body and mind, feeling lighter


You will feel energized, recharged, stronger, safer and ready to take your life back

This is a must attend if:

  • You feel you need to put some order, to rebalance yourself
  • You are dealing with a change in your life
  • You feel like you have a lot to let go 
  • You are experiencing feelings and thoughts that weight you down
  • You are a practitioner and you desire to remove some blocks 
  • You are simply … curious 

When is it and how much does it cost?

The next event is Tuesday 25th June from 8pm to 9:15 pm UK time. 

The event will be delivered on Zoom. 

The investment is €25


This is the second time I have participated in the Release to Create sessions. I have been going through a tough time with big life changes after a relationship breakdown due to addiction. The sessions have given me tools to deal with this. I was struggling with being able to make the move away from wanting to carry the weight of helping my ex, worrying about what he was doing, trying to come up with answers for him. In just one session I was able to stop that, to let go of checking my phone all the time and constant worry of is he ok?...I feel stronger and happier, and in turn have been able to make a happier and less stressful life for our children...Lidia is brilliant, she seems to intuitively know how to guide me and give me the tools to empower myself for a better life.
Forest School practitioner
Online event, March 2022
I loved the experience of Lidia’s ‘Complete to Create’ workshop. Lidia has a very reassuring presence & soothing voice. The simple rituals & meditation highlighted what I was holding on to that didn’t serve me going forward, and I felt an immediate sense of space & lightness as I let this go. The second part of the session was a powerful meditation that raised my vibration, filling me with hope & joy that is still with me days later. Thank you Lidia for your magic!
Yoga teacher
Online event, March 2021
It was the first time I approached meditation and visualization. The session was truly amazing, giving me a moment of tranquility and serenity. Being one of the first times I couldn't visualize everything exactly as requested, but the feeling of well-being has certainly paid off. The exercise conducted in throwing behind the things we did not want to continue to carry in 2021 (the classic dry branches that block our energy) is interesting and of great power. Furthermore, the fact of being a group has stimulated the exchange of ideas and thoughts making everything more stimulating! Thank you
Project Manager
Online event, December 2020
During a very busy day, I coudn't have better invested the only hour available for a break. It recharged me to deal with the rest of the day!!! Thank you !!!
Fitness instructor & content creator
Online event, June 2021
I have been partecipating in two very stressful and demanding tests. I needed to recharge myself to face a very long practical test that required a lot of creativity. During the meditation I was very amazed by the power of the images displayed. The next day I managed to pass the test feeling much more focused, aware and calm than the previous times. I also managed to remedy some technical errors, especially at the end when the fatigue began to be felt, without panicking. I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to give themselves time for their own well-being.
In person event, June 2022
After the event I felt Calm, light-hearted and above all zero anxiety
Online event, March 2022
I felt peaceful, with a fantastic inner peace
School assistant
Online event, March 2022

A note from Lidia

I did’t know how much it was important to look after my emotional state, my thoughts and my energetically body. I have always only looked after my physical body and my nutrition. However, all these systems are connected.

I remember two important stressfull periods in my life where music and mindfulness meditations supported me in dealing with these periods with ease.

I don’t believe we need to wait the end of the year to create a new Canva. I believe we live everyday and that it is important to create this empty canvas as often as possible.

Here why I created this quarterly events which happen in March, June, September and December.

I am looking forward to supporting you in letting go feelings and emotions that don’t serve you and empower you in getting lighter and fly again.

With love and magic

Lidia x